MSW Priscilla Wells

Welcome to my website on Priscilla A Wells, a Mediator with the Wayne County, MI Family Counciling And Mediation unit.

This website is dedicated to informing people of the biased practices of Priscilla Wells and how her department heads (John Frasik and Marilyn Gerwolls) fail to properly address her short comings. I'm not sure why so many people that work for the public, would cover for someone that is working against us.

Priscilla Wells is a Liar!    (Her Testimony)

Priscilla Wells is Bias!

Priscilla Wells is a mediator with her own agenda.

UNFOUNDED: Having no foundation or basis in fact.  
LIE: To create a false or misleading impression
  • Lying

    My ex-wife practiced drawing our sons blood for fun. She confessed to Priscilla Wells. Mrs Wells said that the confession never took place. (Read transcript of mom admitting to the confession)
  • Bias

    Priscilla Wells chose to keep custody with an abusive and neglectful mother because she mediates with the old ideal that children belong with their mothers. Prove me wrong.
  • Lack Of Accountability

    John Frasik has known about the unfair antics of Priscilla Wells for more than 6 years and he has failed in his duty as a supervisor, to correct the situation. Instead, he asked my judge if he could take an action against me. Nice.
  • At The Top

    Dr. Marilyn Gerwolls, the director of FAME, has first hand knowledge of the lie and does nothing to correct it.